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Your gift provides the youth of Jacksonville a safe place to go after school and during summer vacation.
Warm Meals. Homework Help. Mentors & Tudors. Career Paths. Scholarships. And More.

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Your monthly donation of $10 or more is extremely important to the Boys & Girls Club. For most people, this is not a noticeable amount of money but when it is combined with all of our other monthly donors it has become our most profitable fundraiser. We appreciate and need your support.

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Wanting to know exactly where your gift is going?
We're happy to tell you.

Your gift allows us to serve the youth of Jacksonville in the following ways:

Character & Leadership: We provide opportunities for youth to development their character and become responsible citizens.

Health & Nourishment: We serve over 21,000 nutritious meals every year - free of charge.

Summer Reading: We combat summer learning loss by providing a library of books and rewarding youth for reading.

Health & Life Skills: We help youth set positive personal goals and reach them.

Education & Career: We help youth explore new education opportunities and expose them to different career options.

Sports & Fitness: We encourage healthy lifestyles, teamwork, and great attitudes by hosting sports events and leagues for children in the community.

Homework Help: Every day during the school year, we provide a time for children to work on homework and we provide staff and tutors to help them succeed.

After School & Summer Care: We understand the struggle that working parents face so we provide a more affordable alternative to traditional daycare.

Field Trips: Throughout the year, we provide opportunities for our members to be exposed to fun, educational places that they may not otherwise have the opportunty visit.

Youth of the Year: In promoting good grades and community service to our members, the Youth of the Year is the highest honor bestowed on one member each year.

For more information about the impact that the Club is having on the Jacksonville community, please visit our Mission Page.